Road Construction Superintendent Full Time

Directing the day-to-day operations of the high production Highway Surfacing crew in the field. Primary point of contact for the office and project clients/owners/consultants. Adhering to and enforcing all company policies, rules and guidelines with crew members.

Ensure that the Project Manager/Operations Manager remain up-to-date daily regarding production, locations, incidents and communication/directions from the Project Owner/Client/Consultant.

  • Production
  • Supervision of crews
  • Direct the work
  • Maintaining/creating crew organizational structure
  • Providing clear instruction to all crew members
  • Lead, train and assist fellow team members
  • Ensure daily production is being recorded, verified with Project Administrator and Lead Hand and communicated to the office
  • Ensure Application rates are being met as per company and contract requirements
  • Any production records being kept by crew members (i.e. distributor logs) are being filled out and submitted daily
  • Ensure auxiliary tasks (pre-signing, construction notices, etc.) are being completed by the Project Administrator and Lead Hand on schedule, as required.
  • Ensure all personal are maintaining and cleaning all equipment and vehicles on a regular basis or as needed
  • Work with the Mechanic(s) to ensure equipment issues/repairs are being completed in a timely manner and ensure support is being provided by the Lead Hand and Project
  • Administrator as required
  • Quality
  • Ensure work being performed is being done to required standards as per West-Can’s procedures and contract requirements
  • Ensure application rates and other performance/quality metrics are being met as per West-Can’s procedures and contract requirements
  • Stopping work that is deficient and working to correct the issues prior to restarting
  • Identify specific areas/completed work that may be deficient and requiring repair, communicating this with the Lead Hand and the Project Administrator to ensure a record is kept
  • Communicate to the Operations Manager any areas that may be deficient and the cause(s)
  • Ensure testing is proceeding as required by contract and West-Can Standards
  • Ensure all testing results are shared with appropriate parties and kept up-to-date