Grant-Funded Training

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Save Money, Get Trained!

Attendees who complete the entire program will receive a Certificate of Completion and those who live in Alberta may be eligible to receive up to 100% of the training costs reimbursed by the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

Kim Free, Teacher & Business Owner

With a degree in Psychology, and years of elementary school teaching experience, Kim comes to us filled with passion for figuring out what makes people click that “like” button! She loves to think about what makes people react the way they do online, and she also loves sharing her expertise with others.
Above all else, Kim believes in the passion, hard work, and dedication of the small business owner! 
She has been helping business owners get noticed online for over 10 years. Her business, Small Town Girl Promotions, was founded about 4 years ago and has grown exponentially since then… via social media marketing, networking, and word of mouth. 

Yes, more info please!